Call of Duty 2

Pros & Cons:
Pertaining to My short list below.

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This is probably one of the best WWII shooter you're ever going to get (gameplay-wise); with sharp graphics, responsive controls, and a great single-player. However, as this is a game based off of WWII, the story is somewhat vague and uninvolving. And although the single-player campain is great, it is a bit short-lived.

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Content review for this game:
Pertaining to the ESRB rating.

Content sum up: Although it's intense (it is a war game), it's pretty mild, with no gore, very little language, and tame blood effects. And it's extremely mild compared to it's successor, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. So, overall, I recommend this game for ages 13+.

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Blood: When you shoot an enemy, the blood appears in mild to moderate and almost transparent puffs—think of slightly damp cool-aid powder thrown in the air, and you get the picture; blood does not linger. Bodies do linger, and throughout the game you see many dead, but not bloodied bodies of fellow and enemy soldiers, and in some levels, you see a few newly dead livestock, like horses and cows, littering the area. There is no option to turn blood off.

Mild language: There are over a dozen uses of hell, d*mn and bastard, two uses of a**, and one use of SoB. Fellow soldiers will also use language like, d*mn, hell, and bastard (sometimes even SoB, but very rarely) infrequently as they fight.

Violence: This is set during WWII, and as such, is moderately intense and sometimes tragic. The majority of the cutscenes between levels are done in the style of a history channel documentary, with stock footage being shown from that war. And although the cutscenes and overall story can be somewhat intense (and tragic), they're not graphic in the least, and a bit disconnected/generalized (as in not too personal), which makes the actual narrative just too vague to write out a detailed synopsis...

Your sole enemy are German/Nazi soldiers, and you'll be killing hundreds of them with machine guns, rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, grenades, rocket launchers, and you can also use explodable barrels to dispatch enemies. Your character can hold two weapons at any given time, not including your explosive/smoke grenades, and you can pick up enemy weapons when your ammo runs dry. Other than weapons mentioned above, you can knock enemies with the butt of your weapon. On a similar note, there's no HUD (heads up display); to warn you when you're near death, the screen will go red around the edges as your ears ring, and you hear your ever-decreasing heartbeat.

Throughout the campaign you'll be taking over enemy bases by foot; spotting target with your binoculars for destruction; defending territory against the enemy; and in a few levels, even controlling tanks and jeeps (which can be used to run over enemies). The violence is a simulation of war, so it's very chaotic, heartpumping and intense, with constant explosions and gunfire, destructible environments, and plenty of killing. When you shoot an enemy, they'll gurgle/scream, contort and flail in painful positions, and if they're cornered, they'll lash out with the butt of their gun, yelling madly until they kill you (or you them). And because of the ragdoll physics, when your grenades detonate, enemies, objects and dust will go flying. However, although it is intense, the violence is pretty tame for a war game (especially compared to Call of Duty 4), with very little blood and no gore or dismemberment. This game also has a strict policy on killing your own men, as if you accidentally (or purposely) hit or kill a fellow soldier; it will give you a message saying that it doesn't tolerate friendly fire, and it will place you at the last saved checkpoint.

Specific scenes of violence:

  • After your training, there is an area that shows a superior officer interrogating an enemy German soldier; he hits him a few times in the head for information.
  • Early in, you and two allies try to avoid detection by crawling through the pipes. You're soon detected by the enemy; you see the two allie's bodies riddled with bullets, as the ammo rips through the pipes. Although, there isn't any gore, and it's pretty dark. But, there are small (but hardly discernable) puffs of blood.
  • One of the later levels takes place during the famous battle of Normandy (D-Day). As you are on your way to shore by boat, you overhear one of your fellow soldiers say to another soldier that he looks like he's going to puke. The other soldier starts to make a retort, but you see him throw up before he can finish his reply. Your commanding officer then gives you direction for when you reach the shore, but is interrupted with a bullet through his head. You then see other soldiers suffer the same fate; their bodies falling lifeless to the floor. Once you do reach the shore, you are immediately clipped by mortar fire, resulting in your falling to the ground. A fellow soldier then picks you up and starts dragging you to safety. As he does, you see other would-be rescuers and rescuees, as they are riddled with bullets and drop to the ground. Once recovered, you climb a rope up a steep cliff; as you climb, you see another fall to his death.

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