Luigi's Mansion

Content review for this game:
Pertaining to the ESRB rating and My age rating.

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Gameplay sum up:

Mild cartoon violence: Luigi receives a letter in the mail, which informs him that he has won a "beautiful" mansion. When he arrives, he finds this mansion to be a dark, forboding and a dilapitated shack of a house—although it is very large—and when he finally plucks up the courage to actually enter it, he quickly finds that it's haunted and infested by ghosts. Now to get rid of them....

The violence is extremely mild, and very comparable to a Saturday morning cartoon. but while it isn't very violent, the overall atmosphere is very spooky, and many of the bosses are moderately bizzare and could scare some younger kids. An early example is a boss in the form of a baby ghost; When you wake him (he's sleeping in his crib), he will start to cry very loudly, and then suck Luigi into his crib and shrink him to the size of an action figure. The baby appears giant, and will pound outside the crib while wailing eerily. He then proceeds to send flying rocking horses telekinetically and tries to smother Luigi with his body—add this, the bizzare sound effects and dark oversized environment, it could spook younger, more sensitive kids. But this probably will be a non-issue for older kids—the content is appropriate for kids 7+.

Content review posted: 03/2008

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