The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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Gameplay sum up: This series is known for it's epic story mode, and complex (but streamlined) gameplay mechanics. It's very deep, with a large overworld, non-linear gameplay, hard bosses, and complex dungeons. The main pattern of its gameplay is set like an RPG, as you gain your equipment and set out for the main quest. You'll then traverse the overworld, locate each dungeon and make your way to each of the dungeons' core, while you combat enemies and solve puzzles; when you come to the end, you fight a boss and receive your reward. This is pretty much the core structure of every Zelda game.

Violence: The narrative is set one-hundred years after the events of Ocaria of Time, and follows the adventures of Link's descendant. The violence consists of combat, and results in very cartoony animations and reactions when you or enemies are hit. Link has access to many devices throughout that function as partial weapons, but his main weapon of choice is his sword, with a shield to protect from incoming blows. You use the B button to swipe, and continue to do so, which result in simple combos, until you defeat the enemy, as they then fall to the ground and disappear into various puffs of smoke and lightshow effects—the only visible damage is when your character or the enemy is hit, causing those hit to briefly flash red each time.

In other words, the game's overall violence is similar to a Saturday morning cartoon. However, there are a few of instances that could mildly disturb younger kids; there is an enemy later in the game that resembles a mix of a large wooden mannequin and a mummy, and it sleeps in a casket. When it sees your character it will make a hideous scream, paralyzing him with fear—and if you don't snap out of it in time, the creature will straddle his back and drain your health by sucking on his neck. And second, there is the last scene of the game, where Link plunges his sword into the bosse's forehead. Neither element has any blood or gore, but they're worth mentioning.

Content review posted: 04/21/2008

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