Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

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Gameplay sum up: Gameplay is in the style of point & click adventure games, which now seem to be a rarity. Control is done entirely with the Wiimote and is simple and straightforward. You point the Wiimote at the screen and move the cursor to a desired object; Zack will then move to that item, and depending on what it is, he will examine it, pick it up, or activate it. You can look around the area by holding the B button and moving the Wiimote around, and you can also manually move Zack by holding the A button, and then dragging your cursor to the desired location. Another mechanic involves interacting with almost every item or device you come across. For instance, if you see a lever and select it, Zack will go over as the screen zooms into it. You then take the Wiimote, hold it like a lever, pull, and voila, the door opens. Or when you need to cut down a tree with a saw: you take the Wiimote, hold it like a saw and move it back and forth until you cut the tree—it's all brilliant and simple.

Cartoon violence: As the game's title suggests, Zack and Wiki are on a quest for the treasure of Barbaros', and thus set off in their plane to ultimately reach the place it is held, Treasure Island. They soon come upon Barbaros himself, who's been cursed and turned into a floating golden skull, and says if Zack and Wiki will restore his body and break the curse, he will reward them greatly. And so their journey begins...

The violence presented is as tame as it gets, and in fact, is quite a bit more mild and kid-friendly than even your average Saturday morning cartoon. The combat (if it can be called it that) involves Wiki (a golden monkey, and Zack's companion) turning into a bell and ringing until enemies disappear into a purple puff of smoke. However, Wiki actually doesn't destroy enemies but instead, transforms them into the items you use to complete puzzles. You can also use Wiki to turn the "items" back into their former selves, meaning you could say there is actually no combat, just puzzle solving. There are also many scenes of silly and cartoony antics involving the game's characters, but beyond this, there's nothing to worry about; very mild stuff.

Content review posted: 06/30/2008

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