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I write content-driven descriptions, with light opinion infused. My reviews refer to the ESRB's rating system (which rates all the North American—US & Canadian—games on the market) to list exactly what descriptors like "Suggestive Themes," "Violence" and "Blood" actually pertain to. At the top of each review, in my "Content sum up," I'll go into more detail about why I gave a game that rating. And I'll have a separate "Pros & Cons" tab, which lists that game's positive and negative points (quality-wise).

If I recommend a game for ages 10-, I will give "My age rating," which lists what I recommend in overall content, difficulty and the ever important fun factor for the target age group (click on each of these categories to view their full descriptions). The "Content sum up" box will be replaced by "Gameplay sum up," which gives an overall outline of that title's base gameplay.

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What this site is not:
These reviews are not meant for censorship. I myself am an avid gamer, and every game reviewed on this site are titles I've played (many owned) in their entirety. I'm not blocking or outright condemning the content in certain games. I just play them and list what's there for those who are interested. This site is not affiliated with any particular religious group/site, or any censorship-geared organization whatsoever. Please note the copyright law stated at the bottom of this page, as my reviews are not to be misused or misrepresented.

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