If you read the lower part of my Home page, you know "What this site is not." So I'll just say the actual purpose and motive of my reviews are for reference in regards to overall content. I'm simply writing out what's there, with only a couple paragraphs of my opinion concerning content—we all have one. If a parent reads one of my reviews and doesn't agree with my recommendation of, let's say 17, and instead buys it for a 13 year-old, that's fine with me—it's not my business. I am simply letting interested parties know what's in a game, so they can make an informed and educated decision before making the purchase—everyone needs a choice.

I started this site because, although there are a few others that do something similar, they're most often too vague on content, and allow way too much user input, via user reviews right on the same page. There is a place for user input. However, no offense, but "fact" isn't a badly written opinion—you come to this type of site to find out what you don't know. I have also noticed that many people try to ask things in forums like, "Is it too gory?" or "Does it have the f-word?" or "Can you turn off the blood?" only to be ignored, or worse: "flamed" to death. I don't do that; think of my content reviews as a companion to the more editorial type of game reviews—you can read what the video game press thinks, and then come here to see if it's too objectional (and/or too hard, boring, or badly made) for you, or for your kids.

The content portion of my reviews aren't an opinion on the game's quality—my Pros & Cons list takes care of this—instead, they're long, thought-out and detailed overviews, so you don't have to play through the entire game yourself. If you want to know how much blood, gore, language (if you can turn them off), suggestive themes or anything objectional is in a game, not only will I give you an overall idea, I'll list every specific scene and an accurate gauge on language use, so that content-conscious gamers and parents have an exact description of what a game contains—think of an older relative trying to find an age appropriate game for his/her younger relative.

For gamers looking for a hub to find helpful gaming elements in one place, I list links at the top of every review page. You’ll find direct links to each game's Wikipedia page for more info, cover scans, walkthrough/cheats, press reviews from top sites—and to the upper right, links to buy the game in all its platforms, including strategy guides at Amazon (these direct Amazon links earn me a little money each time you complete a purchase, which helps keep my site going, so please shop ;).

I don't regularly review sports, racing, real-time strategy, party, board or online-only games, as there often isn't enough objectional content to mention; most people know what they're getting into when they buy a game in that genre. However, if you want a game like this reviewed, and I don't have it, request it and I will review it. Also, if my review doesn't answer all your questions for a game, if you find a major inaccuracy in a review, you want to see a certain game reviewed, or if you just want to send basic feedback, email me or leave your comments lower on this page.

Jorim ;)

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