"Another" Pros & Cons change - March 31st:
Yes, yet again I have decided to scale down the Pros & Cons format, the reason; it is keeping me from my Content reviews, and since the latter is the purpose of my site, I'm no longer going to write editorial Pros & Cons reviews. Instead, I will simply keep my Pros & Cons "short list" and its tab, which, as always, will show my opinion on the title's positive/negative points. However, to compensate, I have expanded the Pros & Cons list template to allow for longer, more complete thoughts. The change will allow me to get content reviews out faster, and thus, eventually, more out every month. All of my recent full Pros & Cons reviews will remain intact, and the older reviews that I have yet to put in the new format (devoid some editing) will be unchanged. But, even with this "somewhat" major scaling down, I cannot rule out never writing a full Pros & Cons review on certain games...just don't hold your breath ;)

Lastly, I've decided to change the "6-" rating for my kid format reviews to a broader "All," which better reflects the intended meaning of, "all ages."

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