Pros & Cons format change, etc. - February 11th:
Starting with the Assassin's Creed re-review, I have simplified the Pros & Cons review by turning my "Closing comments" into "Quality sum-up," and condensing my thoughts into 1-3 paragraphs. Screenshots will now be above the text with arrows for switching between them, and the captions will be more fleshed out from now on. I've also made the last line in the top info box on review pages from "Press reviews" to "Press," with two major game review sites listed and the score they gave each game in bold, along with a link to Metacritic and its aggregated score, so you can get quick glances of that game's overall score without needing to click on the links.

Lastly, some may have noticed that several of the Pros & Cons tabs are misaligned in Internet Explorer 7, but I have a fix, it'll just take some time to implement it. And the new format for the aforementioned "Press" line will eventually be added to all of the older review pages.

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