Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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Pertaining to the ESRB rating.

Content sum up: Compared to Call of Duty 2 & 3, this game brings the blood, gore, violence, and language up quite a few notches, which makes it definitely earn an "M" rating. So, I recommend this game for ages 17+.

Blood and gore: When you stab or shoot enemies, blood appears in puffs/spurts and moderately splatters on floors and walls, as the bullets violently penetrate the enemy, tearing them and their armor apart. When grenades are thrown, enemy bodies fly, as they fall to the ground in contorted positions and blood/smoke fills the air. When you use the knife, you see and hear as you plunge it into the enemy, as blood spurts from their wounds—blood and bodies do linger. There is no option to turn blood off—on the console versions that is; there is an option to disable blood on the PC.

Specific scenes of blood & gore:

  • One level's objective is to snipe and kill a terrorist leader. Throughout this level your only weapons are a pistol and a sniper rifle, so you will mostly be sniping the enemy in the head, which results in blood spurting from their head and onto nearby walls. Later in the same level, you see the enemy haphazardly disposing of your allies bodies by tossing them into muddied puddles. Another area shows a wild dog feasting on a dead body. Once you are in place, you aim and hit the terrorist leader. You miss his head, blowing his arm off, with appropriate blood effects in play. As soon as the enemy discovers your sniping position, they send a helicopter to dispose of you. You then aim at the pilot in the cockpit and shoot him in the head, causing blood to splatter in what remains of the cockpit.
  • Your next objective is to find and capture the main villain's son, for information and leverage. When you finally catch up to him, he shoots himself in the head, resulting in blood and chunks flying as he falls to the ground.

Intense violence: The violence is that of war, which means you'll be killing hundreds of enemy soldiers with a variety of weapons, ranging from pistols to rocket launchers. The gameplay is intense and suspenseful with graphic moments throughout. Again, as mentioned above, your character also has the ability to throw grenades and plunge a knife into enemies, with a close-quarter melee attack. Also, if your character is near death (which happens often), the screen will go red around the edges, as you hear his struggled breath and ever-increasing heart beat.

Specific scenes of intense violence:

  • As you and your men are infiltrate the crew quarters of a ship, you come upon two enemies still asleep in their bunks; you see your men shoot them dead.
  • A later level shows a long, interactive cutscene, where you experience capture as a middle-eastern president. The entire scene is from first-person view, and you have full control over the camera's viewpoint. It starts as you are dragged by two armed soldiers to the waiting car. After you're roughly placed in, one of the soldiers hits you with the butt of his gun. On the way, you witness chaos in the form of blown out, burning cars, tanks rolling in the street, small gunfights and skirmishes, and at one point a row of men placed at a wall as they're being executed by gunfire. You're then taken out of the car for a televised execution. After a short speech the captor shoots you in the head. The scene ends there.
  • In a few instance you are attacked by guard dogs. You'll then have shoot them or break their necks; otherwise, they'll rip your throat out with bloody results.
  • While you ride in a helicopter, you are hit by the tail end of a nuclear explosion. The aftermath has you crawling out of the downed helicopter as you witness the carnage—you hear his struggled breath and weak heart beat as he then dies.
  • At the end of one level you see your commanding officer interrogate a terrorist, by beating him with his fists. During the interrogation, the officer gets a call on his cellphone. The person on the other side must have said something to incur what happens next, as the officer shoots the terrorist in the head.

Strong language: There are over a dozen uses of hell, sh*t, d*mn and bastard, and two uses of a**. Other than the main script, fellow soldiers will frequently use d*mn, hell, a** and bastard as they fight. There is no option to turn language off.

Content review posted: 04/14/08

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