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Pertaining to the ESRB rating.

Content sum up: There are a few somewhat suggestive songs with mild lyrics, but you can turn the music off in the options menu. And the suggestive themes are also very tame, along with the violence, which is goofy, cartoony and over- the-top. So, I recommend this game for ages 13+.

Strong lyrics: This rating ranges from silly to almost accurate, here's some examples of "Strong lyrics" to give you an idea; one song goes, "I need a lot of you, a lot, a lot, a lots of you, babe, he's a babe, he's a babe" Next, "SHUT UP AND EAT, you know my love is sweet, very sweet." No this song isn't provocative, just ANNOYING!! Next, "like this, like that, like this, this, like that, it feels so gooood, it feels soo good, good, just feels good." Next, "Get down on the floor, I want to see something I have never seen before, I'm a sensuous woman, I want to be loved." Ok, we are getting closer; this is the last and worst example of the songs, it's rap, so I couldn't make out all the lyrics, but it has one use of sh*t, one use of bullsh*t and even a few uses of n*gger; and the song is repeated two or three times. However, you can turn music off, by going into the "garage" (your headquarters) and talk to Roboy; he'll then allow you to access the the options menu, and you can then turn the music off.

Violence: This game is about spraying graffiti and Sega has a large disclaimer before the title screen that says something like; graffiti is art, but it's illegal so don't do it in real life. And just for the record, there's no blood in this game. The story involves you fighting corrupt cops whose boss is a crazy corrupt police captain (now say that three times fast), and his boss (main bad guy) a crime lord. In specific areas of the game the "police" cage you in the street and chase you with "nothing," yes that's right they just chase you. The goal is to knock them down (your character's on skates) and then tag them with graffiti until they stay down—if you try to leave while fighting the cops and run into one of the electric fences, you guessed it, you get electrocuted.

Throughout the game, the "police" use spotlights (with guns at their end), helicopters and tanks to do battle with you. Other than defacing public property with graffiti, you can knock things down like bottles, chairs, trash cans, or break through glass, but the objects in question almost have no weight, and it is all very cartoony. Levels are full of pedestrians; if you run into them (and you will) they will scream things like "Don't do this!" or "Go away!" Some females say, "He touched my BUTT!" (this won't change if you play a female character; the pedestrian must only have the sense of touch—or maybe she's just accusitory?). In other words, all the pedestrian stuff is over the top and completely meant to be that way—not life-like at all.

Mild language: (The ESRB didn't mention this in their rating although it is mild) There are a couple uses of d*mn and hell lightly spread through.

Mild suggetive themes: (The ESRB didn't mention this in their rating) Several female characters wear revealing clothing; one female gang wears fishnet stocking and bikini bottoms—some female characters also do somewhat provocative dances.

Content review posted: 03/2008

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