Naruto: Rise of the Ninja

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Pertaining to the ESRB rating.

Content sum up: The snippets from the anime of the same name simply aren't appropriate for kids under 13; if you buy this for your kid, you will take the risk of them wanting to watch the (moderately mature) anime after they finish the game. And while the standalone versus mode is appropriate for ages young as 7+, with the release of its sequel, Naruto: The Broken Bond (a much more mild game that lacks the cutscene snippets entirely) kids 10- are better off playing that. So, I recommend this game for ages 13+.

Blood: There is mild to moderate blood, but not in actual gameplay; it is only present in the cutscenes, which are direct clips from the anime of the same name, and usually shows up in the form of light splatters/sprays or visibly stains clothes—cutscenes can be skipped with a certain button a few seconds into their start.

Specific scenes of blood:

  • An early scene shows a side character jump in front of kunai (throwing stars) to protect Naruto, the main character. They hit him in several places, including the leg, which shows some blood soaked into his pants. The enemy then throws an oversized throwing star at Naruto, as the injured man again protects Naruto by stepping in front, causing the throwing star to pierces the protectors back.
  • A later scene shows the enemy visibly injure Naruto's hand as he soon finds out that the weapon was poisonous. To drain the poison out, Naruto takes a knife to it (the impact isn't seen), as you see a light amount blood drip onto the floor.
  • In another scene, an enemy uses sharp, thin knives to throw at one of the main characters, as several of them visibly stick out of his body before he collapses. The other main characters faces and bodies are also bloodied. Right after, one of the main characters is about to finish off the villain, when the villains protege (a young boy), gets in the way and is killed. You see the boy's blood splattered on the villain's face. Afterwards, for complicated reasons, the villain then turns on a rival villain. He clamps a knife in his mouth (he lost the use of his arms in the previous fight) and rushes through an enemy group (while he runs through, they stick him with spears/swords, which protrude from his back), slashing and stabbing as he goes, ending his furious rampage with a single stab to the enemy group leader's back (moderate amounts of blood splatter included throughout).
  • A later scene shows the main antagonist of the series, who resembles a human snake, and is creepy and disturbing. He beats on Naruto and his friends badly, apparent in their bloodied appearance. The villain then bites one of them in the neck, resulting in two puncture marks as light blood oozes from the wounds.
  • Near the end, the leader of the village, while protecting its citizens, dies by the hand of the antagonist, by being impaled with a sword (bloody result).

Suggestive themes:

  • Playable character, Naruto, has a ninja technique called Sexy Jutsu, making him look like an attractive and much older female version of himself; for distracting enemies while fighting. This form is "naked" (though most often in a one piece bathing suit), but all private areas are completely enveloped by solid clouds.
  • An objective early in is to teach a character Sexy Jutsu, and test your technique by entering a women's bathhouse while disguised—both participants (which are depicted as young, oblivious and innocent) are quickly caught and scolded.
  • You can approach certain male characters and use the Sexy Jutsu technique. If you do, a cutscene will initiate and show the target go gaga over the somewhat scantily clad form (she is in a pretty modest one-piece), and then fall over.
  • One of Naruto's ninja mentors is a peeping tom, and in fact, Naruto's nickname for him is "Purvey Sage"; he likes to peek in women's bathhouses, and uses the excuse that it's for research for his romantic novels writing.

Violence: All of the violence presented is very cartoony, bloodless and over-the-top, with fights comparable to Dead or Alive, Virtua Fighter, etc. That is, fully devoid the aforementioned games' more realistic combat and suggestive edge.

Specific scene of violence:

  • One of the main enemies breaks a side character's arm and leg. After this side character is taken to the hospital, the offender sneaks in and attempts to finish him off, but is stopped before he can do so.

Content review posted: 04/20/2008

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