Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent

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Content sum up: This game does have an intense storyline, with some pretty tough moral decisions, a very intense and suspenseful atmosphere, and plenty of blood and gore. So, I recommend this game for ages 17+.

Blood: There is no bloodshed when you shoot or stab enemies in gameplay. However, in two of the levels you can pull the enemy through thin ice, as you then stab them in the chest, resulting in a small spurt of blood, and in one scene, blood splatters on the wall after a hostage is shot in the head. There is no option to turn blood off.

Specific scenes of blood (& gore):

(The ESRB didn't mention that there's mild gore)

  • In a later level, you see two hotel workers (killed by rival terrorists), slumped on the floor with blood visibly and heavily smeared on the wall behind them.
  • One of your optional objective at the terrorists' headquarters is to drag the dead body of traitorous "fellow" terrorist down to the headquarter's furnace room for incineration—the bloody body of the hostage mention above is also present.
  • One level takes place in the middle of a chaotic African warzone. Throughout the level you see several dead, bloodied and mutilated bodies, and blood splattered on many of the walls—at one point, you see a mutilated bodies lying against a wall; a grenade falls, causing it and the area to explode in a bloody mess.

Suggestive themes: (The ESRB did not mention this in their rating) The second level has several abstract nude sketches of the female form and bikini posters. And at the end of one level if you enter a certain room, the main character can be caught by one of a main female terrorist. To save himself, he makes it look as if he actually wanted to see her. She buys it, and it is suggested that they sleep together.

Language: There are under a dozen uses of hell, d*mn, a**, sh*t and God d*mn and one use of Jesus, God and Christ. There is no option to turn language off.

Violence: The story is more personal and intense than previous games, and after the main character's daughter is killed, in his grief, he takes the most dangerous mission available: going undercover as a criminal to infiltrate a domestic terrorist ring, gather intel and eventually put a stop to their plans. Throughout the game, there are several key moral choices, where you're given the option to make good or bad choice. If you do the bad, your trust meter fills up for the terrorists, if you do good, visa-versa—the gameplay also is very suspenceful, that is along the lines of tv show "24".

Gameplay revolves around stealth, meaning the idea's to not get caught. In fact many missions do not let you kill anyone; if you do, it is an automatic fail, which results in you having to restart from the last checkpoint, meaning other than key moments, the majority of your missions encourage you to knock the enemy out, not kill them. This is further encouraged by you being given little lethal ammo, and instead, especially in later missions, given non-lethal ammo. Weapons are also very touchy and will usually get you killed if you try to run n' gun your way through. You are also equipped with a combat knife, giving you the choice to choke/knock enemies unconscious or kill them, which will have your character stab or slash them in the stomach, throat, back, snap their necks, or in some instances, throw them over ledges and pull them through ice; but in most instances, you almost always have the choice not to perform these lethal actions. On a similar note, the game's moral choices can get quite tough, the majority of which are listed below to give you a better idea on what you'll be doing:

Moral choices:

  • The terrorist leader gives you a gun and orders you to shoot and kill a bloodied, beaten hostage tied to the wall. You can, or refuse by waiting until another one of the terrorists does the deed—you can't save him; you'll blow your cover.
  • You are given the choice to either feed gas into the vents and kill a ship's bridge crew or go in manually and knock them unconcious—the latter is harder.
  • In the previous mission, the terrorists gave you an objective to set a bomb on a cruise ship. If you decide to stop detonation, your terrorist boss will blame you and the main female terrorist, and in blind rage he will shoot and kill her. If you let it detonate, hundereds of innocent people will die in the explosion.

Content review posted: 03/2008

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