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Animated Blood: Daxter is an exterminator, meaning he kills bugs, thus this "blood" effect is similar to that of an exaggerated fly swatted on a wall; the bugs' blood oozes and splatters in green and purple colors when he swats them down with his electrified swatter—but it's nothing too gross, since its appearance is akin to jelly.

Cartoon Violence: Again, Daxter is an exterminator; he only kills bugs. However, at the end, the boss you fight is human...until you find out he is a giant bug. Other than his electric swatter, Daxter uses a weapon that dispenses insecticide, a flamethrower and a device that shoots balls of electricity. There are also several mini games in the form of his dreams that mimic movies like The Matrix, Indiana Jones, Braveheart and The Lord of the Rings, but are kid friendly versions of their counterparts.

Crude Humor:

  • Daxter slides down a pipe and falls into view of a female character's chest; he smiles, exclaiming, "That ain't no bug!" Throughout the game Daxter continues to flirt with with this female character, but since Daxter is a small, furry animal she's doesn't pay him too much mind—in other words, feeling aren't mutual.
  • The main female character wears a revealing top and low cut jeans, showing g-string straps around her hips—all female characters feature large bust sizes.
  • Near the end, Daxter enters a security booth and then starts to flip through the camera monitors as if he's watching tv. He tunes into a camera that apparently shows him the girls' locker room; a girl screams as Daxter states, "Wow! Sorry ladies. I didn't know Krimzon (name of the enemy) girls took showers." He then makes a purr noise. After he flips through several more channels, he tunes into the girls' locker room one more time; again a girl screams as he says "eh...eh just checking." The room and it's "contents" are not shown on screen.

Mild Language: I searched through the game and its cutscenes twice, and I still could not find any language. Perhaps they are referring to a scene in which the main villain departs from the frame as Daxter exclaims, "What crawled up that guy's butt?"

Content review posted: 03/2008

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