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Pertaining to the ESRB rating.

Content sum up: This is full of frustrating gameplay. Add this, with a sarcastic tone, crude humor, suggestive themes and the difficulty, and it adds up to not be so good for younger kids. So, I recommend this game for ages 14+.

Comic mischief: The two sidekicks, "Daxter" (half otter/weasel), and "Pecker" (half parrot/monkey) fight like crazy throughout the game's cutscenes, and it's pretty much a cartoony, if not a bit crude, feud between the two.

Mild language: Daxter states "Remind me not to p*ss you off!" referring to Jak's dark eco powers. Jak says "Where the hell am I!?" One character tells Daxter to "Get your squirrely a** out of here!" A main female character curtly asks Jak and Daxter, "Who the hell are you two?!" upon meeting them. Annoyed with his subordinate's failure to capture the target, the main villian states, "We'd have his royal a** pinned to a wall!" Mad at Jak and Daxter, a side character states, "What the hell did you two do?!" Later in, Jak replies, "Hey! We kicked the Baron's (enemy) a**!" Daxter tells Pecker to "Go bite yourself" Pecker retorts with, "That's it! Now you've really p*ssed me off!" A side character tells Jak to "Get your skinny a** over here!" And after being ambushed, a character states, "D*mn!" Also, there is one use of God.

Mild Violence: Most of the violence ranges from cartoony to realistic cartoony; it's all very chaotic and there is a lot going on, but it's nothing worse than a PG-13 movie in cartoon form, as you fight rival humans and the major enemy monsters, Metal Heads. The narrative also has a mature, sarcastic tone, and while there is quite a few comic moments spread throughout, situations can get intense.

Suggestive themes:

  • All of the female characters wear tight and/or revealing clothing, they also have exaggerated bust and hip sizes, and there are "breast physics." Also, there are a couple paintings of women in bikinis, who are posed in a provocative manner.
  • There are several scenes throughout that depict Jak and Daxter flirting with the main female characters. But it's done in a somewhat light, comical manner.
  • When Jak and Daxter first meet Pecker, he states his name, causing the two to snicker. Pecker retorts, "Yes, yes. I know. My mother was very vindictive."
  • Daxter talks about how he'd build a palace with a chocolate fountain. He and his harem of women (the world's largest in number) would then bathe in it.
  • Referring to one of the main female characters with a pronounced chest, Daxter tells Jak, "I bet you would love to pin some medals on her chest! Eh...Jak?!"
  • Daxter begins to "inspect" some bottles behind a bar. After you hear him drink their contents, he re-apears drunk, slurring, and starts to sing nonsensically.
  • In a later scene, a female character signs something to Daxter. He asks Pecker (her translator) what she said. Pecker replies, "Something about rubber tubing and parts of your mother. Trust me, you don't want to know.

Crude humor: (The ESRB did not mention this in their rating)

  • Jak and Daxter's employer, Krew, is so obese he must use a zero gravity glider to get around, is grotesque looking and speaks as if he's always out of breath.
  • Krew orders Jak and Daxter to the sewers. Daxter states, "Let me guess. Dank, murky waters? Reeks worse than your breath at an oyster fest? And, of course, weapons more lethal than your ever so tighty-whiteys on a hot summer day!?"
  • As Jak & Daxter come in from completing the last mission, Krew says, "What is that horrible smell?!" Daxter annoyed, states, "Oh Great! We do your dirty work in the sewers, and come back smelling worse than a hog in a warm barn!" Krew replies, "No. I think it was my lunch." He then makes some odd noises.
  • A crocodog (half dog/crocodile) briefly pees on a side character's walking stick.
  • Seeing a side character scratch his pants, Daxter says, "Hey! Wise'n wiskered, you got something itching under your robes? They have ointment for that, you know? The side character replies, "It's just my aching bones."

Content review posted: 05/20/2008

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