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Content sum up: The game's story is very sarcastic, with lots of crude humor, suggestive themes and some moderate language. And most of the gameplay is too difficult for kids anyway. So, I recommend this game for ages 14+.

Comic mischief: The two sidekicks, "Daxter" (half otter/weasel), and "Pecker" (half parrot/monkey) fight like crazy throughout the game's cutscenes, and it's pretty much a cartoony, if not a bit crude, feud between the two.

Language: In an early scene, Daxter states, "Our boy here gets all mean here when you p**s him off, so don't p*ss him off", refering to Jak's "Eco" powers. Daxter says, "D*mn straight." A character begins to say "He is probably p*ssing in his pants" but is stopped before he can say...pants. A female character tells Jak and Daxter to, "Give 'em hell boys!" Jak says, "d*mn, he got away!" And there are two uses of "God".

Mild Violence: Most of the violence ranges from cartoony to realistic cartoony; it's all very chaotic and there is a lot going on, but it's nothing worse than a PG-13 movie in cartoon form, as you fight rival humans and the major enemy monsters, Metal Heads. The narrative also has a mature, sarcastic tone, and while there is quite a few comic moments spread throughout, situations can get intense.

An early scene shows Jak fighting in an arena; this match is to the death, but once he sees who he is supposed to kill, he finds his opponent to be an old friend. When they refuse to kill each other, they're punished by having to go on a mission together—the arena leader (and city's king) says that by refusing to kill each other, they destroyed the "purity of the arena"; so, killing for sport is pure? Err...

Suggestive Themes:

  • All of the female characters wear tight and/or revealing clothing, they also have exaggerated bust and hip sizes, and there are "breast physics." Also, there are a couple paintings of women in bikinis, who are posed in a provocative manner.
  • In one scene "Pecker" says that he has a harem of love birds and he doesn't get much sleep anymore. Daxter then gives "Pecker" the finger (isn't shown).
  • Daxter says, "I'm short, I'm hairy and I itch in strange places." And then states, "You know what I miss? Soft underpants, you know, how it lifts and craddles?"
  • Daxter starts a silly—and pointless—rant while conversing with one of the main villians, stating: "Isn't it kinda nice, just to curl up in the shade sometimes? Just chillin' it... watching the hot babes prance around in their skimpy little bikinis, you know, just how they "jiggle," I get that special tingly feeling in my 'tail'."
  • Daxter has a human girlfriend, Tess. There isn't anything perverted about their relationship, per se, just odd. At the end of the game's story she is transformed into the same thing Daxter is (half otter, half weasel). After she is transformed, Daxter says, "You may want to shave some parts, trust me."

Content review posted: 03/2008

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