The Matrix: Path of Neo

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Pertaining to the ESRB rating.

Content sum up: This is quite mild, and other than snippets from the movies, violence is almost cartoony, there's no blood or gore, and the present language can be heard on any tv show. So, I recommend this game for ages 13+.

Blood: There are no blood effects in gameplay or cutscenes; although, something that can be taken as this is the iconic green "Matrix" code that leaks lightly from enemies when damaged. This also might be referring to reconfigured, abridged video snippets taken from the Matrix trilogy and Animatrix, but that's the extent.

Language: There are over a dozen uses of hell and d*mn, three uses of a**, and one use of b*tch, God d*mn and God. Other than the main script, during the first training level, a spectator in the arena says, "Bring him down! Kick his a**!" repeatedly; swat team members say, ""D*mn it! Take him out!" or "D*mn it! Drop this guy!"; and later in, an ally repeatedly spouts out "This b*tch is tougher than I thought!" and "No more torture b*tch!" during a bossfight. There is no option to turn language off.

Suggestive themes:

  • One level is set in what appears to be a type of fetish club, with multiple people hanging from walls in bondage gear. You see these same people in a later level, and once you reach the boss, you see that these people seem to be female, but also a bit robotic. When you go to fight, the enemy turns on an electric current that runs up the walls, as the women respond by giggling in pleasurable tones. However, nothing is too detailed; these women are garbed in full body suits.
  • A scene shows a villain's lackys holding a woman in a dungeon. She is strapped to a stone table, and garbed in a scant, cleavage revealing bustier with fishnet stockings, high boots and little else. And in a similar level, the aforementioned female is again taken captive, but this time by a witch who is also dressed like the captive female—but, while both are dressed in moderately revealing attire, the offensive value is lessened by the fact that the graphics aren't that detailed, and the female character models are low-res and undetailed.

Violence: The Matrix: Path of Neo follows the plot of The Matrix trilogy entirely from the perspective of main character, Neo, as you relive the coolest moments (and some new ones) from the trilogy, and overall violence is, of course, in the style of the said trilogy. Which means gameplay is full of mass collateral damage, some questionable actions (fighting police), slow-mo, lots of guns, kicking butt, and plenty of fantastical explosions. However, unlike these movies, there is absolutely no blood or gore, and while you do fight/kill enemies like cops, swat teams and agents, overal combat feels arcade-y, disconnected and unrealistic. Neo can attacks with punches, kick, grabs and blocks; pick up a variety of guns and swords from enemy bodies, and then use them against the live ones; enter focus mode, as time then slows while fighting or shooting (giving enhanced abilities for both melee and guns); and finally, sneak up on enemies to perform a sneaking choke move, thus disabling them.

Content review posted: 07/13/2008

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