Top #20 Holiday Games of 2008

Listed above are, in my opinion, the top #20 games of holiday season 2008, which I think your kids will most likely be asking for (and/or about) for Christmas. As I'm the only one running this website, I don't have enough time (or money) to review most of these games before the holiday shopping starts. That's why I've written this feature, so you can get a good idea of what they are about, and what age I think they're most appropriate for. After reading this article, you can discuss any of these games and/or their content in the forum.

I didn't include Saints Row 2 (which is full of f-words and gameplay like Grand Theft Auto), or Dead Space (an extreme horror game, with the main draw being blowing off your grotesque opponents' limbs), as I consider these to be an obvious no-no for kids, and for the fact that I don't see myself playing/reviewing them any time soon.

And any of my descriptors pertaining to the ESRB rating are probable, as in, I have to make an educated guess from hours of reading previews and watching videos of each game. Also, at the bottom of every game, I'll have an Amazon "Buy it" box, where you can buy/pre-order that game in all it's platforms at (the games are listed by expected release date). So click on any game in the list above...

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