Top #20 Holiday Games of 2008

#15 Mirrors Edge

Available for: Xbox 360 - PS3 - PC
Release date: Out now
ESRB rating: "T" for Teen

Updated December 31st: read my full review of Mirror's Edge here

Sum up:
Mirrors Edge is a unique first-person (psuedo) shooter, where you're put into the shoes of Faith, a "Runner," who's job it is to deliver messages to an allied resistance group, while evading the oppressive government agents tailing her. You'll be doing this by running, jumping, climbing, and sliding your way seamlessly through rooftop environments, by controlling Faith's body (and unlike most shooters, you can fully see her arms, legs and torso through her eyes). Pressing one button will have her climb, etc; and pressing another button will allow her to slide under objects, etc; you'll do this while trying to keep an ever-increasing tempo of speed and agility to succesfully traverse the environments.

Recommended age:
The ESRB rated this game "T" for Teen, listing "Blood," "Language" and "Violence." The "Blood" consist of very light spurts/puffs when an enemy shoots you (there isn't any actual blood when you shoot an enemy). The "Language" consist of words like d*mn, hell, bastard, a**, and sh*t.

The "Violence" consists of Faith punching and kicking the enemy (who are armed with a variety of guns), and she has the option to disarm them and then use their guns. However, the guns slow her down heavily, and they only have a limited amount of ammo, leaving her pretty exposed--meaning, the main draw to the game is running not shooting. So overall, although this is mild in violence, it does have a moderate amount of language, and the gameplay is far too difficult and frustrating for younger age groups--I'd recommend it for ages 14+.

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